WVBR Specialty Show Line-Up

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Salt Creek

Sundays at 6am
Annie Keville, Armin Heurich, Kai Schafft, Peter Fraissinet


Sundays at 10am
Rob Sullivan, Michael Webster, Jackie Merwin, John Simon, Annie Keville, Kai Schafft, Gary Reinboldt, John Rudan

Miles Ahead

Sundays at 3pm
John Beach, DJ Diamond Dave, David Cleveland

The Ultimate 80's Show

Sundays at 6pm
Nicky Wood

Bound for Glory

Sundays at 8pm
Phil Shapiro

Tuesdays with the Band

Tuesdays at 6pm
Nikki Sayward

14850 Dining Report

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:35am and 4:35pm
Mark H. Anbinder

Over the Goalline

Exclusively Online - Every Other Thursday
Finley Frechette

Black Voices on the Hill

Fridays at 2pm
Daniel James II

The Metallic Onslaught

Saturdays at 1am
Joe Wyatt, Rick Horton, Randy Smith, Jeffie, Eric Stungurys


Saturdays at 6am
Beata Szoboszlai


Saturdays at 9am
Miss Emm (Emm Thurston), Frank James

The Vinyl Departure

Saturdays at 12pm
Gary Reinbolt, John Fracchia

Talk of the Town

Saturdays at 3pm
Grace Fairchild, WVBR News Dept.

Big Red Banter

Saturdays at 4pm
Skyler Holzman, Jake Richards, Mike Seitz

The Intern Whisperer

Saturdays at 5pm
Isabella Johnston

Rockin Remnants

Saturdays at 6pm
John Rudan, John Simon, Kim Vaughan, Jan Hunsinger, Gregory James

Shakedown Street

Saturdays at 9pm
Steve Malinski

Where Did the Road Go?

Saturday at 10pm
Seriah Azkath, Joshua Cutchin, Timothy Renner, Wren Collier, and Cherylee Black

The Last Exit for the Lost

Saturdays at 11:30pm
Seriah Azkath, Just Joe, Eric, EVD, Fidget, Justin, Nathan