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Time Capsule Found in Old Library Cornerstone to be Opened

ITHACA— The community is invited to the new Tompkins Center for History and Culture on June 22, 2019 at 10:00am to witness the opening of a time capsule from 1968 that was found placed in a cornerstone in the recently demolished old library building.

The ceremony will mirror the schedule of events that took place when the capsule was dedicated on April 22, 1968. The Pledge of Allegiance will be led by John Graves, the son of James Graves who led the Pledge at the 1968 event. Speakers include community leaders such as The History Center Executive Director Rod Howe, Tompkins County Public Library Director Annette Birdsall, County Historian Carol Kammen, County Administrator Jason Molino, Tompkins Cortland Community College President Dr. Orinthia Montague, and Ithaca City Schools Superintendent Dr. Luvelle Brown. A sampling of letters contained in the time capsule will be read by the people who wrote them as students in 1968. Light refreshments will be served.


For more information, contact Tompkins County Public Library Director Annette Birdsall at  


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