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Together Again! The 2022 Ithaca Festival is this weekend!

The Ithaca Festival has announced the 2022 Festival Artist, and revealed this year’s artwork and schedule of events. Festival Artist Heather Williams incorporated hands, flower, waterfall, musicians, dancers, and art, crafts, and food tents into her heart-shaped arboreal design. The design will be available on t-shirts and buttons throughout the Ithaca Festival weekend.

The 2022 Ithaca Festival logo designed by Heather Williams. Image courtesy Ithaca Festival.

Last Monday afternoon, Festival organizers released the schedule of performances that will take place Friday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 5th, at the Bernie Milton Pavilion at the north edge of the Ithaca Commons, the Dewitt Park Stage a block north of the Commons, and the Cayuga Circle stage at the west end of the Commons, as well as a schedule of buskers who’ve been lined up to play at the Trolley Circle at the center of the Commons. Organizers have also added the full schedule to their web site at in an accessible format.

The Ithaca Festival schedule as released on Monday.

As it has for many years, the Ithaca Festival will kick off with the extraordinary and eclectic Ithaca Festival Parade. Beginning at 6pm in Fall Creek, the Ithaca Festival Parade will head south to Downtown and the Ithaca Commons and lead the crowds along the route to the first performance of the weekend, Thursday’s 8pm show at the Bernie Milton Pavilion featuring The Comb Down. The weekend includes bands and solo musicians, drumming and dancing, puppetry and comedy.

In addition to the performance schedule, there’s a Silent Disco planned for Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 9:30pm, and a Family Fun Zone hosted by GIAC on Saturday.

Festival organizers tell us they’re still looking for volunteers to help keep the event running smoothly in a number of ways.

The Ithaca Festival’s “Together Again!” theme reflects the need to cancel the crowd-drawing event in 2020 and 2021. This year’s Festival takes place on and around the Ithaca Commons in Downtown Ithaca, June 3rd-5th.

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