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The Salvation Army Makes It Easier to Give

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

“Kettle Pay” Offers Digital Donation Capabilities at Red Kettles through Google Pay, Apple Pay

More shoppers are carrying less cash these days, and it poses a challenge to The Salvation Army, which funds much of its yearly budget through The Red Kettle Campaign.

Now, The Salvation Army is making it easier than ever to give with “Kettle Pay,” which accepts Apple Pay or Google Pay. The holiday season’s iconic Red Kettles now feature stickers that allow you to donate almost as easily as dropping cash in the Kettle.

The Salvation Army has placed smart chips and QR codes on Red Kettle signs across the state, allowing donors to simply “bump” or scan their phones to make a digital donation.

Donors will be directed to a custom donation page that accepts Apple or Google payment options. The funds will then be distributed to local Salvation Army units based on the donor’s billing ZIP code, and an email receipt will be sent directly to their phone.

Donors with an Apple iPhone Xs, Xr, and Xs Max or Android phones made since 2012 can just bump their phones on the sign. Donors with older phones can scan the QR codes.

“For nearly 155 years, The Salvation Army has employed creative, forward thinking to find solutions. More consumers are using their phones to pay for everyday items and Kettle Pay makes it even easier for donors to join The Salvation Army’s Fight for Good. Anyone can fight for our neighbors who are experiencing poverty by donating to Salvation Army programs, including food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, and Christmas assistance for families in need,” said Major Ivan Rock, Commander of The Salvation Army’s Empire State Division.

Now in its 129th year, The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign is one of the oldest and largest charitable campaigns in the world. Every year, the campaign raises millions of dollars to provide toys for kids at Christmas, clothes and shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry, after-school programs for kids, and other services to America’s most vulnerable populations year-round.

Donations are accepted at any of the thousands of traditional Red Kettles found on street corners and in front of stores across the state, or online at

To learn more and join The Salvation Army in the #FightForGood, visit


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