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Sheriff Osborne successfully renegotiated contract with service provider for inmate phone calls

From the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office:

02/20/2020-- Sheriff Osborne successfully renegotiated a long standing contract with the Global Tel Link Corportation (GTL), the service provider for inmate phone calls.

This was seen as a long standing issue for inmates who (along with their families) were charged exorbitant rates to keep in contact with loved ones. Calls that previously cost .32 cents per minute, coupled with high surcharges have been reduced by over 50% to .15 cents per minute and does away with all surcharges. The phone system, unlike standard phones, is housed in a secure casing, provides for call recording and investigative tools which adds to some operational cost. Additionally, the renegotiation comes with the installation of a new server for the implementation of iPad devices for inmate use. These devices will offer educational programming to inmates free of charge, as well as options for email and video visitation for a small fee.

"It just didn't feel right to have inmates charged such an exorbitant amount, as such fees should not be considered punishment...especially when loved one are footing the bill".

The Tompkins County Sheriff's Office can be reached at (607) 257-1345.


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