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Rockin' in the New Year

Written by Gregory James

Updated program notes from Gregory James

I am very excited about some new developments in my WVBR disc jockey schedule.

I have enjoyed immensely my late afternoon weekday shows for the last 19 months, but I have decided to take a break from WVBR's weekday programming.

Effective immediately, I will be an auxiliary member of the Rockin' Remnants team. Whenever one of the regular Remnants hosts (Jan Hunsinger, John Rudan, John Simon and Kim Vaughan) needs someone to substitute for them, I will step in to host Central New York's longest-running local request oldies radio show. I grew up listening to AM radio and I worked for several years in FM radio, so the music of that era is quite familiar to me. I may also fill in for other Saturday shows such as Vinyl Departure and Dealer's Choice.

I look forward to sharing this music with you from our extensive music library and to taking your requests and dedications.


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