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Robert Schwartzman of Rooney Visits WVBR!

Written by Eunu Song

Robert Schwartzman, frontman of Rooney and director of his debut film "DREAMLAND," paid a visit to the WVBR Studios as a part of his first time adventuring in Ithaca.

We had a blast hanging out with Robert Schwartzman on Friday, Oct. 28 before his "DREAMLAND" screening at Cinemapolis & his show with Rooney at The Haunt in Ithaca! Robert sat down and chatted on-air with our very own Veronica, about his musical creative processes and his decision to try his hand at directing (not surprising, given his family filmmaker roots -- brother of Jason Schwartzman, son of Talia Shire, and nephew of Francis Ford Coppola).

"DREAMLAND" will be released 11/11 in select theatres nationwide.

Rooney's new album "Washed Away" is out now. Check out their single "My Heart Beats 4 U," and "Sad But True" (featured in the "DREAMLAND" soundtrack):


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