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New York State Schools to Demonstrate What will the world look like in 50 Years

East Syracuse, N.Y. - Nine schools, across the state, are in the running for a grand prize of $1,000 towards school supplies as they participate in Dig Safely New York’s school poster contest — What will the world look like in 50 years. We’re celebrating 50-years of underground utility safety throughout 2019 and these classrooms across the state will look towards the future and show us their prediction. Not only do we want to help educate the next generation, but we also want to relieve the burden some teachers face when it comes to furnishing their classrooms.

Here are participating schools:

  • Frederick Leighton Elementary ▪ Oswego, NY

  • Fairgrieve Elementary School ▪ Fulton, NY

  • Moravia Junior/High Central School ▪ Moravia, NY

  • Mexico Middle School ▪ Mexico, NY

  • Pembroke Intermediate School ▪ Corfu, NY

  • Laurens Central School ▪ Laurens, NY

  • State Street Elementary ▪ Skaneateles, NY

  • Wilson Foundation Academy ▪ Rochester, NY

  • Pine Grove Middle School ▪ East Syracuse, NY

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and we’re asking them to share their vision of what the world will look like in 50-years.


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