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Mexico Middle School Wins Dig Safely New York’s School Poster Contest

East Syracuse, N.Y. – Mexico Middle School has been crowned the winner for Dig Safely New York’s “What will the World Look Like in 50 Years” School Poster Contest. Six schools across the state participated in the contest and were asked to share their vision of What the world will look like in 50-years.

The goal of this project was to strengthen their knowledge on safety and ask the leaders of tomorrow to show their prediction for the future. This is also in part of celebrating the organizations 50-years of underground utility safety throughout 2019.

Mexico Middle School is the grand prize winner of $1,000 towards school supplies. Not only did this help educate the next generation, but it will also relieve the burden of furnishing this classroom.

As for the posters by all the schools it was interesting to see what the younger generation thinks our world will look like. Dig Safely New York’s executive Director, Kevin Hopper, said:

“After reviewing the posters that were submitted, we realized the issues the younger generation is focused on. What they created is the world they believe they will live in, in 50 years. A lot of them have to do with the environment and you can tell these students put a lot of work and thought into creating these futuristic visions. I have no doubt that the world in which we live in will change over the next 50 years; in what ways I am not certain. One thing is for sure, though, there will definitely be more buried utilities in 50 years and the need for education to prevent damages to this underground world that we often take for granted.” \


Students worked on a project throughout September and October to strengthen their knowledge of safety — Dig Safely New York’s School Poster Contest. The organization is celebrating 50-years of underground utility safety throughout 2019 and invited classrooms across the state to look towards the future and show their predictions. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so they shared their vision of What the world will look like in 50-years.

Kevin Hopper, Executive Dir. of Dig Safely New York: “With 50 years of business, Dig Safely New York's operations have evolved and changed significantly. We are no longer just a passive call center transmitting data. We have evolved into a hub for data, education, and technology. In honor of Dig Safely New York's 50th Anniversary, we wanted to involve our state's future generation. Dig Safely New York invited students to participate in a poster contest, illustrating what they think the world will be like in 50 years.”

Six schools, across the state, are in the running for a grand prize of $1,000 towards school supplies through this contest. They were given school supplies provided by Dig Safely New York to create these masterpieces. Masterpieces that gives everyone a look at what they think is in store for their future.


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