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Lyric Video Review: “Post Humorous” by Gus Dapperton

by: Madeline Turner, ‘23

On July 1st, indie-pop artist Gus Dapperton dropped “Post Humorous,” the second single from his upcoming album, “Orca,” releasing September 18th. In an interview with DIY Mag last year, Dapperton explained how his sophomore release is about “self-reflection.” He revealed how he felt at the time, “like there are a lot of forces trying to make me feel less independent.” This relatable longing for autonomy while being simultaneously stuck in the current moment has produced a sound tinged with both regret and self-awareness.

The sentiment behind the songwriting comes across in his latest release. The overall effect of the “Post Humorous” lyric video leaves the viewer with a sense of nostalgia brought on by the bedrooms, kitchens, and streets which serve as the backdrop. The cast dances, cooks, sings, and drives around to the music which feels like a summer song, but one that has clearly been influenced by the COVID-19 crisis. The fairy lights and personalized spaces are reminiscent of a childhood bedroom. The ever-so-slightly grainy ambience of the video, populated by Dapperton’s loved ones, almost feels like the viewer has interrupted a family Zoom call. The style serves as a reminder that human connection has been relegated to the digital world; clearly a realm in which the dream-pop darling Dapperton feels at home.

With the release of “Post Humorous,” the upstate New York native continues to demonstrate his deep understanding and appreciation for the ethos of the Gen Z aesthetic. Dapperton, whose artistry has always been accompanied by his unique personal style, appears throughout the video. The last shot depicts him exiting the frame before remembering to go back and switch off the camera. The moment feels deliberate and serves as a reminder that we need to check in with ourselves.

Dapperton has revealed on Instagram that the upcoming album is a vivid reflection of his struggles with mental health. This message aligns with his current involvement in a campaign for SkullCandy, which encourages greater awareness for mental health issues in collaboration with other artists, including recent Virtual Slope Day guest Rico Nasty.

“Post Humorous” definitely seems as if the singer is coming to terms with the many versions of himself in his relationships with others. The lyrics “But as a, a reminder, ready when you find her” and “And won’t you mind him? Steady when you find him,” serve as a gentle acknowledgement of the fact that we cannot change the personalities we once were, so we might as well embrace our growth. This message feels, at once, personal to Dapperton as well as universal. Many of us are currently spending time in our hometowns, and we are tasked with putting in the work to reflect on the people we once were, as well as the people we are striving to become.

Check out his latest release on Youtube or Spotify and stay tuned for WVBR’s exclusive chat with the artist himself!


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