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Utica, N.Y. – The Utica Municipal Housing Authority (UMHA) is conducting a Landlord Workshop at 6 p.m., Monday, September 23 at the Chancellor Apartments, Community Room, 417 Bleecker Street, Utica.  The workshop is  free and open to the public. Food will be served.  People need to attend only one of the two workshops. The workshop will cover recent changes in the rent laws, codes, fire and Rental Occupancy inspections, and rehabilitation, lead remediation, and energy conservation programs available for landlords.  Utica Housing Authority and AmeriCorps staff will discuss the benefits of the agency’s tenant-landlord matching program as well as the Housing Choice Voucher Program.   The workshop isdesigned to assist area landlords, property owners and managers, housing developers, and others in the real estate industry to become more effective property managers. Melanie Goldberg of the Central New York Legal Services, Cabryn Gurdo of Mohawk Valley Economic Development District, and representatives of the City of Utica Codes and Fire Departments will make presentations. Pre-registrations are encouraged.  To register for the free Landlord training or request more information, people can email or call the Utica Municipal Housing Authority at (315) 735-5246, ext. 25/(315) 982-3731.  Anyone needing a reasonable accommodation or language interpretation services should contact the UMHA. The Utica Housing Authority will hold follow-up meetings to organize a landlord consortium to offer continued training and support as well as other services to help landlords maintain their properties.


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