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Ithaca Farmers Market: 22nd Annual International Rutabaga Curl happening Saturday, December 21st

If you call yourself a true Ithacan you just can't miss this community event. Celebrate the beginning of winter and the bountiful harvest we had this growing season by hurling some root vegetables!

The 22nd annual Rutabaga Curl will be held at the Ithaca Farmers Market pavilion at Steamboat Landing on the last outdoor Saturday market, December 21. The registration table will open at 10:30am and will close at 11:45am. Games will open with the annual Turnip Toss for younger contestants and The Curl immediately follows at 12:30pm, where more than 100 athletes are expected to play. Community members are encouraged to sign up to be part of the competition or to sit back and enjoy the show! Find us at 545 3rd St., Ithaca, NY 14850.

Bring the whole family to this wild, wacky, ridiculous participatory-theater event. The MCs keep things moving and keep the crowds entertained, the referees tightly control the hilarious competition while protestors, a chorus, instrumentalists, camera/radio crews and more add to the ambiance. You will learn more rutabaga lore than you ever knew existed.

The Rutabaga God and Goddess arrive at high noon carrying the rutabaga torch, after an arduous journey from Mt. Cruciferous. This is followed by the Parade of the Athletes, full of people and creatures costumes are encouraged! After a few brief ceremonies we get right into the games themselves. We are expecting a performance of the “Rutabaga Chorus” from the Vociferous Cruciferous crew.

The GAMES BEGIN with a ceremonial toss by a local celebrity. Don’t be nervous, rutabaga curling is EASY! Athletes stay behind the start line and toss their numbered vegetable down a long chute, which opens into a bullseye target area. At the end of each heat, the vegetables closest to the center of the bulls-eye advance to the championship round. Top 3 players get awards! Come alone or bring a team.

Come to the Curl! Dress up, dress warm, throw a 'baga! You might even win! The Ithaca Farmers Market will run from 10am-2pm during the curl - with farm, food and artisan vendors selling their wares.

Learn more at this story by Visit Ithaca. Feel free to use photos, credit goes to Allison Usavage.

Get in the mood for veggie sports by listening to music by The Rutabaga Chorus!


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