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Introducing Glenmary’s Ghost: Emerging Local Band Making Moves

by Madeline Turner (‘23) & Michael Roscoe (‘23)

Marketing Director Mike Roscoe and Promotions Director Madeline Turner recently had a virtual chat with up-and-coming local band Glenmary’s Ghost. The indie jam band, based out of Owego, is comprised of Jon Lipka (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Drew Thomas (lead guitar and backing vocals), Jacob Kurtz (bass), and Jeremiah Harvey (drums and backing vocals) Brought together by a shared love of Phish, the Grateful Dead, and the upstate music scene, the group has put in the work over the past year to raise their profile.

In March 2021, the band released their self-titled EP, the first set of original songs they created at Black Bear Recording just outside of Ithaca, in Danby State Forest. The local connections continue: all of the band grew up in the area, and the group’s namesake combines the street next to their studio with the ghost from a local legend.

Drummer Jeremiah Harvey explained: “Rumor has it that on any dark foggy night, you can see a woman in white on the side of [Glenmary Drive] trying to hitch a ride.”

Behind the scenes, the band has put in a lot of work this past year. With the pandemic, they were able to focus on new music and marketing, as the EP was released on their socials in March.

“At this point, we have enough material for an album!” added bassist Jacob Kurtz.

Although much progress was made during the pandemic, the group is anxious to return to live shows. This summer, they will be playing all over the area, from the Red Shed Brewery in Cooperstown to the Barleycorn in their home turf of Owego.

Glenmary’s Ghost is a perfect example of why we should continue to support local venues, as the band is beginning to make a name for themselves by playing the local circuit. Ithaca-area residents have a unique opportunity to discover emerging local bands on the active Upstate NY music scene. “We love this area!” remarked Kurtz.

As pandemic restrictions begin to ease and local venues open up, Glenmary’s Ghost will be ready to rock. “The energy of a live show is real,” explained lead guitarist Drew Thomas.

Kurtz explained, “We’re starting to see a brighter future this summer. I think everybody’s eager to go out and hear music.” As the live music scene is revitalized this summer, be on the lookout for Glenmary’s Ghost!

Find the band on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, or Bandcamp, and go out to see their shows this summer!


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