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Interview with Dayglow: Engaged with an Album on the Way

by Yancee Mendoza (‘23) & Madeline Turner (‘23)

edited by Danny Alvarado-Gómez (‘22)

For Sloan Struble, the creative mind behind the indie-pop sensation Dayglow, the past year has been full of changes. Since the 2018 release of his debut album, “Fuzzybrain,” the artist’s career has only been gaining momentum. Last week, Yancee Mendoza (‘23) and Madeline Turner (‘23) sat down with the artist to catch up on his latest projects.

Just a year ago, Dayglow opened for Peach Pit for the February 2020 concert put on by Cornell Concert Commission at Bailey Hall. After photographing the show, we had a chance to briefly speak with Struble and his band, who eagerly told us about the smoothies they enjoyed in the Commons and the hike they went on earlier. The group had just returned from a tour in the UK, and was days away from the beginning of a sold-out tour when the pandemic hit.

While one would expect this to be a huge blow for an up-and-coming artist, Struble took the changes the pandemic brought in stride. He began a series of livestream performances, as well as a “How I Made” series, which detailed the creative process behind some of his hit songs. The artist revealed that positivity from fans on social media has been a great source of encouragement.

When we asked what keeps him inspired, the singer grins, saying, “It’s just awesome that people are enjoying what I'm making.”

Sloan Struble is clearly on the rise. This May, Dayglow is dropping his sophomore release, “Harmony House,” and fans are already excited.

“Dayglow songs on repeat since last week 😌 Close to You and Something,” says a fan on Twitter.


When we asked what Struble is most proud of about the upcoming album, he revealed that he mixed it himself during quarantine. One of his favorite songs, “December,” was also written during lockdown after last year’s tour was cancelled, which Struble reveals was “a really big moment in my life.”

Struble was eager to tell us that he has lately been going through some exciting milestones. In addition to the latest Dayglow projects, he announced that he recently got engaged, and is in the process of moving.

“I’m the busiest person alive, but it’s exciting!” he explains.

Dayglow is a pro at going with the flow. When we asked if he has any advice for other young artists beginning their careers, Struble began by saying candidly, “I'm a young dude, I don't know what I'm doing either. But, if I had any advice and if it was worth much, I’d say it would be really cool if everybody did stuff because it's fun.”

Sloan Struble’s positivity and excitement for the future and what it might bring was palpable throughout our conversation. Dayglow is an artist to watch this year, as he continues gaining recognition in the indie scene and beyond.

Listen to Dayglow’s latest single, “Something,” on Spotify or watch the music video on Youtube. You can stay up-to-date on the artist through his website and with our upcoming interviews on our Instagram and Twitter.


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