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For the past several months a group of GreenStar workers have been collectively working to organize a union to address issues such as insufficient job security, unfair or inconsistent wages, blatant favoritism, and unprofessional conduct from managers. During this time, GreenStar management has used several union busting tactics, including firing a union supporting worker without just cause, making verbal threats to other union supporters, denying a promotion to a union supporters, and targeting union supporters. As a result, GreenStar workers, with the help of Communications Workers of America, has filed an Unfair Labor Practice against GreenStar, which is still being processed by the National Labor Relations Board.

Most recently, the Dewitt GreenStar location has been severely understaffed with the planned departure of 4 workers. Workers at this location made management aware of this timed departure months in advance, requested replacement staffing, however nothing was done to preemptively staff the Dewitt location accordingly. As a result, on any given shift within the past few weeks, 3 workers are being forced to take on the workload of 7, and the expectation is that they will additionally be required to train the new hires without any added pay differential. It is for this reason that GreenStar workers, alongside members of the community, member-owners of GreenStar, and other union members, are gathering for an informational picket outside of the Dewitt GreenStar location on Thursday, August 29th from 3pm until 7pm. The informational picket will not only be a show of support for GreenStar workers to organize, but it will also serve to pressure management to take action on this important issue. We will have buttons for community members to wear in support of GreenStar workers, as well as signs.

  • Who: GreenStar Workers, GreenStar Member-Owners, Tompkins County Workers Center, Community Members, Union Members

  • What: Informational Picket

  • When: Thursday, August 29 from 3PM - 7PM

  • Where: GreenStar Dewitt, 215 N. Cayuga St. Ithaca, NY 14850


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