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From Nothing to Something: The Story of Cornell Women's Ice Hockey

Originally aired on Talk of the Town.

Hockey puck

[CORRECTION // EDITOR’S NOTE: At the 4-minute mark, a statement was made that there are “no women’s banners hanging up in Lynah.” On February 15th, Cornell Athletics confirmed that in fact there are women’s hockey banners hanging up in Lynah. The women’s banners are in white, and the men’s banners are in red. We apologize for the inaccurate detail.]

The first week of February celebrates National Girls and Women in Sports Day: A Day celebrating the accomplishments of female athletes, recognizing the influence of their participation in sports, and honoring the progress and struggle for equality of women in sports.

Let's replay this interview aired last semester with three original female warriors who started the Cornell Women’s Ice Hockey team and their story, reported by WVBR's Katie Miller.

The Cornell Women’s Ice Hockey team returns for their two final home games of the regular season next Friday and Saturday. Tickets are available at


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