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Fine-dining Pop-Up Restaurant In Residence At The Argos Warehouse Every Wednesday Through Mid-Novemb

Fine-dining Pop-Up Restaurant In Residence At The Argos Warehouse Every Wednesday Through Mid-November

(10/03/19 Ithaca, NY:) North Folk Restaurant, a pop-up restaurant concept will be presenting a 5-course Dining Event every Wednesday for the next six weeks at the Argos Warehouse at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $40 to this event and can be purchased at Follow on Instagram @northfolkfood NorthFolk, a restaurant concept developed by Chef Daniel Medina focused on developing a cuisine inspired by northern elements and non-traditional cooking techniques. He and his team deliver this in a choice of two separate five-course menus, one Vegetarian and one Omnivorous, relying only on ingredients found locally and seasonally. This will be the third outing for NorthFolk here in Ithaca after a short run last year at Bar Argos, and a dinner at The Carriage House in 2017. After 12 years of traveling and working all over the United States and studying a wide range of cooking styles, Chef Daniel Medina found the inspiration for NorthFolk after considering the lack of a traditional cuisine from the Northern United states and Upstate New York specifically. We all can think of a dish exemplifying Southern cooking, but can we do the same for the North? Eschewing tomatoes, peppers, soy and anything else equatorial in nature, but relying on traditional cooking and preservation techniques from around the world, the NorthFolk team work to deliver an accessible, inclusive, and original dining experience. By offering five small, but thoughtfully constructed plates for the going rate of a salad and a main course at any other restaurant downtown, they hope to open the accessibility to enjoying a more refined type of dining to people who normally wouldn’t break the budget to eat thusly. Standards such as liver paté filled donuts with smoked maple butter and black garlic dust, or the popcorn custard with puffed barley and pickled mushrooms, it is best not to come with expectations, but an open mind. The Residency will begin this Wednesday, October 9th, at the Argos Warehouse at 7:00 PM, with wine and beer pairing recommendations, continuing for the next six consecutive Wednesdays, ending on November 13th. There will be 18 tickets available for each event, with events regularly selling out days in advance. Most information, stories and releases done through Instagram: @northfolkfood

NorthFolk will be pop-ing up for the foreseeable future at locations in and around town with the goal of someday opening a Brick-and-mortar here in Ithaca. Contact:


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