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Fatal crash in Seneca County claims 2 lives, 3 people left injured

October 20, 2019, Seneca County ---- A major crash took place on the New York State Thruway in Seneca County. Police said the crash happened just before 12:30 a.m. Sunday in the town of Tyre, west of Route 89. According to current reports, this was a multi vehicle crash, with local law enforcement stating that just prior to this crash they had received multiple reports of a wrong way driver in the area.

In total, there are reportedly 5 people hurt in this crash. This accident resulted in 2 fatalities: one who was pronounced dead at the scene and the other succumbing to their injuries at a nearby hospital. Of the remaining 3 injured, two are said to be in stable condition while the remaining one is in critical condition.

As a result of this, the eastbound lanes of the State Thruway were shut down for several hours. Police have not identified the victims at this time, and WVBR will not be releasing the victims' names out of respect for the families and people involved without explicit consent. However, the true costs and consequences of such a horrific event will not be ignored by the families, or by the community, and they should not be ignored by New York.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families and communities in this difficult time. That goes without saying. But we live in a world where the media can offer so much more than thoughts and prayers. As such, we complied a list of resources that show the top safety tips for driving a vehicle at night when it's dark. Additionally, we urge everyone, if possible, to avoid driving at night and opt for public transportation if you are willing and able to access it, especially in non-flat lands like Central NYS. If you do ultimately elect to drive, we encourage you all to fully acquaint themselves with the routes you are are taking, take routes that are familiar to you if possible, and remain aware of both your surrounding and the road signals, signs and designations which indicate things like direction, type of lane, speeding limit, etc. Last but not least, if all else fails, please abide by laws pertaining to ensuring your safest possible ride, by wearing a seatbelt (especially if you are in the passenger's seat in the front and/or you are a minor), and making sure all children's seats are properly secured----if you need help securing your child's seat, please visit your local police or fire department.

Please stay safe everyone!



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