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Costume Couture Workshop for Teens at TCPL: Resin Casting

ITHACA— Tompkins County Public Library invites teens to learn to cast epoxy resin to create gemstones at this workshop, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on Monday, July 8, in the Library’s Makerspace.

At this workshop, teens can learn to cast epoxy resin in silicone molds to create gemstones and crystals. Participants will learn how to pour, dye, and encapsulate items in resin, as well as methods for painting after casting to create a lustrous, metallic, or glow-in-the-dark finish.

This is part of the 2019 Costume Couture series, where teens are invited to design, construct, and customize costume pieces for a wide variety of hobbies such as cosplay, LARPing, Renaissance Faires, or just a general love of costuming. Additional workshops will cover topics such as resin casting, using craft foam or Worbla to create props and armor, basic sewing, fantasy makeup, and more.

Space is limited at this free program for teens in grades 6 through 12, or their homeschool equivalent. Registration is required at: If it is necessary to cancel after having registered, please cancel online or alert the librarian to allow someone else to participate.

For more information, contact Teen Services at or 607 272-4557, extension 274.


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