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Child Victims Advocate Seeks to Become Taxpayers Advocate: Will formally create Campaign Committee

Gary Greenberg, (D-Greene County) announced today that he will create an exploratory campaign committee for election to the New York State Senate in the 46th district seat being vacated by the retiring State Senator George Amedore.

"Public service is about fighting for the interests of the people you were elected to represent, getting laws passed, securing financial resources for local organizations. For the last five years of my life I have been fighting to enact the Child Victims Act and I travelled from Long Island to Buffalo working to elect Senators to make the Child Victims Act the law of the land," Greenberg said.

Greenberg noted that New York State is currently facing a $6 Billion budget deficit due in large part to overspending and waste in state government.

"We cannot simply continue to raise taxes in New York State. We need elected officials that have the ability to be independent and wont be a rubber stamp for unending tax increases. New Yorkers need jobs and a future, they need elected officials who can get that job done," Greenberg said.

Recently State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins cited the enactment of the Child Victims Act as one of the major accomplishments of the Senate Democratic majority.

"Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins was correct to cite enactment of the Child Victims Act as a major accomplishment and I was proud to help lead that effort to remove the Senate Republican opposition by organizing more than 30 political rallies in support of Democratic Senate candidates and travelling tens of thousands of miles while expending my own resources to ensure the Child Victims Act became the law in New York State."
Greenberg added, "Expanding my advocacy to serve the residents of the 46th State Senate District could be the next chapter of my commitment to serve the public and make State Government responsive to all the residents of the 46th Senate district." "The 46th Senate district is a sprawling district that has urban and rural issues and problems facing its constituents. I know how to enact policies at the State level and I look forward to meeting the people of this district from Kingston to Albany and Schenectady. Part of my exploratory efforts will be to meet with the elected officials and citizens groups around the district to learn of their specific issues, to listen to their agenda and work together with them to develop ideas and proposals to improve the economy, provide access to health care services and hopefully develop innovative policies in the State Senate." Greenberg said. Greenberg added that he also successfully fought to enact Erins Law in 2019 which required all public schools in New York State to provide instruction to children on best practices to prevent and identify potential sexual abuse.

Mr. Greenberg and his family have deep roots in the 46th State Senate district and Gary Greenberg proudly served as a member of the Albany County Legislature in 1992. Additionally Mr. Greenberg was an Albany County Democratic Committeeman for 24 years before moving to Columbia County and his current residence with his family in Greene County.

"I know how to run a campaign and how to win elections and I look forward to working to serve the people of the 46th Senate District by being the same tireless and strong advocate from my experience enacting the Child Victims Act. Public Service is an honor and privilege and I look forward to this next chapter of my career in fighting for justice and good government," Greenberg said.

Mr. Greenberg is the founder of Fighting for Children Political Action Committee and Protect New York Kids, a federally recognized not-for-profit created to assist all child victims in New York State.

Additionally, Mr. Greenberg's advocacy efforts have been recognized statewide by the New York State Progressive Action Network. Mr. Greenberg is the 2019 recipient of the Hero Award given each year by the New York Progressive Action Network to citizen advocates who volunteer to fight for public policy in New York State.


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