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A Chat with Graham Nash

Written by Eunu Song


WVBR spoke with Mr. Nash on Thurs, Sept. 22 to promote his show in Ithaca on Sun, Sept. 25, 2016 at the State Theatre of Ithaca. This interview has been edited and condensed.

Graham Nash of The Hollies and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young spoke with WVBR on Thurs, Sept. 22, 2016 about his solo career, new music, and playing in Ithaca.

"This Path Tonight," Mr. Nash's first studio album in fourteen years, was released in April on Blue Castle Records.

Mr. Nash comes to the State Theatre of Ithaca on Sun, Sept. 25, 2016. Doors open at 7:00PM, show starts at 8:00PM.

Visit for more details:

WVBR: Hi Mr. Nash. Thanks for speaking with WVBR here in Ithaca. Can you tell us about your new album?

NASH: The reason why this album is out right now is the emotional changes I'm going through in my personal life. I divorced my wife of 38 years, I'm in love with a beautiful artist from New York City, Amy Grantham. My life has changed completely.

WVBR: You were here in Ithaca a few years ago, is there anything in particular that brought you to play a show in the State Theatre?

NASH: The people. They love music here in Ithaca. It's always a fabulous time, and I have no doubt when I play, it'll be a fabulous evening.

WVBR: Here at WVBR, we love your music. When moving into our new station, the first song we played was actually "Our House," to go along with that theme. How does it feel to have performed so many of these songs with your fellow bandmembers that have become part of people's life stories?

NASH: I'm incredibly grateful to be a musician, you know. I've written a lot of music in my life, and it seems that I've written a lot of popular music in my life, and the fact that you opened up your radio station with "Our House," what a thrill -- it's fantastic.

WVBR: What's life like on tour for you?

NASH: Simple, it's acoustic. I've got Shane Fontayne who's my guitar player with me, so it's just the two of us playing, well, music from all my life. I'm starting with "Bus Stop" and then coming all the way through to today.

WVBR: At your concerts, people are expecting all these Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young songs -- Given all the recent drama with you and your book [Wild Tales], has your relationship with these songs changed in any way?

NASH: No, it's wonderful to perform them. It doesn't matter if we're not talking to each other, right now, the music that we've created was beautiful in many ways. And yeah, here I am, still creating.

WVBR: So then how does working on a solo career compare with working in a band?

NASH: It's great, because I have no one to ask of an opinion. I can do what I want, when I want.

WVBR: So you prefer working solo?

NASH: I like being a member of a band, but I've been a member of a band for, you know, almost fifty years. I mean, it's time for me now.

WVBR: Do you think you're going to release another album after this?

NASH: Oh, of course!

WVBR: And do you have any other future plans or goals?

NASH: You know, I've been on the road this year since January and I'm the road until October 9. I want to get this year over, I want to start hanging pictures in my apartment in New York, I want to start, you know, buying a couch and a lamp. You know, just basic human stuff. I need to make sure this tour was the best I could do, and then take a deep breath and get on with the rest of my life.

WVBR: Are you planning to work with any new artists in the future?

NASH: I'm open to music in any form. If good music reaches me, I'll react.


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