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9 Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

These are songs that I think are good and you should consider adding to your summer playlist. Why? Because I like them! What better reason than that? I will put a warning next to songs that’ll make you feel. Yes, Lorde is on this list.

9. Cool Girl—Tove Lo: This song was highly popular when I was a freshman in college and now we’re bringing it back for summer 2019. A song about avoiding a serious relationship and feelings, or even just to listen to for the beat. It’s catchy. Personally, I like this song because I’m trying to be cool about graduating next year. It’s fine. It’ll all be fine.

8. Life is Strange—MARINA: In 2019, Marina released her album Love + Fear and “Life is Strange” is on the Love side. A really happy song that allows you to feel alright about the upcoming forks in the road. Lost your plan? Big changes ahead? Tuesday night? This is the perfect song to add a carefree vibe to your summer bops.

7. Oh Bondage! Up Yours!—X Ray Spex: Last semester I started to watch The Handmaid’s Tale and this song was featured on the end credits of one episode. Now—if you find screaming cathartic then this is the song for you. It’s perfect for people who prefer physical instruments to electronic music. It features the guitar, a saxophone, drums, and yelling.

6. This Modern Love—Bloc Party: I first heard this song on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. If this article tells you anything it’s probably saying that I watch too much TV and if there’s a good song—I will look it up and add it to my playlist. This is not an electronic song, it features drums, a guitar, and nostalgia for How I Met Your Mother.

5. Realiti—Grimes: With a heavy focus on electronic music “Realiti” transports you to a different world. This song is enchanting, celestial, and all together super catchy. When I listen, I feel like I am on the mountains or running through the forest. Perfect, if you have an office job and are tired of staring at a blank computer screen.

4. Nobody—Mitski: One night I had dinner with a friend and she was like “I have the song for you!” This song is about being lonely so I think she was implying something but I digress—this song is awesome. Very sweet sounding with a piano melody, allowing the beat to make being lonely kind of fun.

3. I’m Stuck—Noah Cyrus: Now country songs are not on any of my playlists. However, songs that have country influences sure are. This is one of those songs. It jumps from acoustic guitar to electronic drums which is a leap I love to listen to. Not “yee-haw” just the “yee.”

2. Ribs—Lorde: As stated in the intro—some songs on this list are strictly for feeling. Lorde, of course, will offer that. If you want to get really dramatic about how weird life is or how much you love your friends “Ribs” is that song. Lorde strives for simplistic beats and strong lyrics and “Ribs” is the perfect demonstration of her talented song writing.

1. Love Will Tear Us Apart—Joy Division: Oh jeez—okay so I heard this song on an episode of Criminal Minds and couldn’t ignored how good it was. While the characters were searching for a serial killer—I was Googling “what song was playing during that episode where there are vampires?” It came right up! Anyway, add it to your playlist because if I spent time to look for a song it’s probably good, right?

Songs of the summer don’t have to be new or by Katy Perry, they can be found anywhere! Hopefully this list introduced a song someone will fall in love with. Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes to get a really good playlist going you have to search for new songs or watch more tv.


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