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The Killers Are More Than Mr. Brightside

How Brandon Flowers Was Right About The Killers Being On Top

Four years ago, Brandon Richard Flowers, made a bold statement during an interview with the British online newspaper, The Independent, that The Killers could “go up any night against just about any band that’s come out in the last 15 years.” Additionally, he expressed (referring to The Killers), “I do feel sometimes people don’t have a grasp on what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve acquired.”

He’s right.

Fifteen years ago, the battle born Las Vegas ambassadors gave birth to what is now one of the most listened to and iconic songs in the world. Yes, there’s another bold statement to make- the world. *This statement, however, is statistically proven* Whether it be in a trashed frat house at a prestigious university in the United States, a heated pub in a quaint pebble village in Ireland, or a crowded seaside nightclub in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - everyone’s hearts go racing and lips voraciously get moving when they hear “Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine.” And while Mr. Brightside, by all means, deserves to shine like gold and is worthy of the attention that it receives, The Killers deserve to be recognized for more than that song that everyone knows.

The truth is that in the world that we live in, especially in the transient realm of music, it is difficult to be recognized for one great achievement let alone many. However, “Los Dientes Del Perro” -as The Killers referred to themselves in their music video for another one of their bangers, “When You Were Young”- offer a plethora of reasons as to why they are more than just an anthemic song and can rival any artist out there.

1. They Have and Continue To Headline Festivals All Over the Globe

For a group of men that love their Mojave Desert, they are often flying far from home and over the seven seas to deliver performances that generate a flood of praise. They have trekked from the Sagebrush state to take the main stage for festivals including but not limited to: Lollapalooza in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United States, and France, the Festival Internacional de Benicassim in Spain, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, and in 2018 headlined what would be the first ever Guadalajara Capital Corona Festival in Mexico. Most recently, The Killers headlined the illustrious Glastonbury Festival 2019 in Pilton, Somerset, England. A festival that is known for its distinguished performers such as The Cure and the late and venerated David Bowie. This article, however, is not about them, let’s continue to focus on Los Dientes Del Perro. Following their Glastonbury performance, the crowd went wild, and per Brandon Flower’s desire, had audiences and critics stating, “those are the sons of bitches that did it” (referring to The Killers’ magnanimous presence and manifested success).

2. Their Lyrics are Meaningful

While it is facile to boast about their millions of albums sold and list the accolades they have accumulated throughout the years, The Killers’ success runs deeper than that. Throughout their career, they have provided their fervent fans or victims as they are cleverly referred to, with emotional and edifying songs/masterpieces.

While other bands focus solely on writing songs about the motions of dealing with an ending love affair, they cover the trials and tribulations that occur outside of the typical heartbreak. To get a taste, here are a few of their soul-stirring and motivational songs’ lyrics.

‘Be Still’: Be still/Close your eyes/ Soon enough you’ll be on your own/ Steady and Straight/ And if they drag you through the mud/ It doesn’t change what’s in your blood

‘Battle Born’: Come on show your face/ Come on give us one more spark/ So we’ll start a fire/ Unless we fall into the dark/ And you can’t stop now (No, you can’t stop now)

‘This is Your Life’: And the sky is full of dreams/ But you don’t know how to fly/ I don’t have a simple answer/ But I know that I could answer/ Something better

3. They Are Fearless and Voice Their Political Opinions

In the same vein of writing meaningful songs, The Killers released a poignant music video in January titled, “The Land of the Free.” The video, produced by the revered director, Spike Lee, depicts the dismal life down at the border and the battle that migrant families face to seek their place in the land of the free. The song challenges Trump’s devised border wall and questions the validity of the set of ideals of the United States by denouncing racism and gun violence that is present in the states. Furthermore, Brandon Flowers questions why there exists the disheartening treatment of, “ People who just want the same thing we do… in the land of the free.”

Clearly, these rock n’ rollers are not afraid to roll the dice and use their platform to unveil social issues that they believe are worth tackling. Try finding another successful band willing to put their album sales on the line by exposing their beliefs out to the masses.

Finally convinced and in agreeance with Brandon Flower’s daring statement about The Killers being an unrivaled band?

If so, or if not, check them out for yourself and see with your own eager eyes why they are more than Mr. Brightside. The Killers are set to continue their streak of festival performances this summer.

Go ahead, give them a shot at the night.


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