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College Football Recap
Man, was I wrong
| January 30, 2013
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Notre Dame's embarrassing defeat and Alabama's third championship in 4 years has been overshadowed by Manti Te'o and his girlfriend.  Wait, nope, just Manti.


In my last sports shot before Christmas I predicted that Notre Dame’s season of destiny would end with a National Title.  Boy was I wrong.  The Irish got spanked on National TV by the Crimson Tide in a game that was pretty much over in the first quarter.  For some reason Coach Brian Kelly decided to let a woefully overmatched and ineffective Everett Gholson remain at QB instead of giving his team a chance with back up Tommy Rees who can at least throw the ball more than 10 yards. It probably wouldn’t have mattered but you never want to get blown out in a title game.  Every team in the top 20 will claim they were better than you. 

Then to add insult to injury you have the Manti Te’o story.  First he was invisible against Alabama in the championship game.  Then we find out he has an invisible girlfriend who didn’t really die from leukemia.  Now, I am pretty sure Manti is not the first college guy to make up a beautiful girlfriend who goes to school far away and can never seem to find time to visit.  I just think in retrospect when he decided he had enough of the ruse he probably wished he just said he got dumped.  The dying from leukemia ending was a little extreme for the fake long distance love of your life. 

And all this of course is why everyone who doesn’t love Notre Dame, hates Notre Dame.  What everyone should be talking about is the Crimson Tide winning back to back National Titles.  Incredibly that’s 3 NCAA Championships in 4 years.  Nick Saban has a dynasty going and is turning into a modern Bear Bryant minus the ugly hat.   When he took over Alabama in 2007 the historic program was floundering but things changed quickly.  A 7-6 first season turned into 12-2 the next and National Coach of the Year Honor.  In 6 seasons Saban has a record of 63-13 and 3 National Championships.  The Tide will lose a bunch of players to the NFL but they are still loaded and will almost certainly be in the mix to make it 3 in a row next season.  No end in sight for the Roll Tide.

Originally Aired: Wednesday, January 30, 2013. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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