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2010 MLB Re-Mock of 2005
| June 2, 2010
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With the MLB draft less than a week away, I decided to look back five years at what was considered one of the best drafts in recent baseball memory: 2005. I decided to do a re-mock of the 2005 draft. I used the same order, and I looked at how the teams should have picked knowing how all the players would develop five years later. 2005 Pick: Player (Real draft position) 1. Diamondbacks: Justin Upton (Rd 1, #1) *Upton is arguably the best position player draft prospect since Alex Rodriguez. He has not disapointed, and is still only 22. 2. Royals: Ryan Braun (Rd 1, #5) *Ryan Braun has turned into the player that the Royals expected real pick Alex Gordon to become. 3. Mariners: Troy Tulowitzki (Rd 1, #7) *The Mariners have been looking for a replacement since A-Rod left, and Tulo has put up MVP type numbers and gold glove defense. 4. Nationals: Ryan Zimmerman (Rd 1, #4) *The face of the Nats remains. He is the best fielding third baseman in the NL and a solid 30 homers does not hurt. 5. Brewers: Matt Garza (Rd 1, #25) *The Bew Crew have a great offense, but need another starter in the rotation besides Gallerdo. 6. Blue Jays: Clay Buchholtz (Rd 1A) *The Blue Jays are playing well now, but they need as much pitching as possible to keep up in the AL East. 7. Rockies: Colby Rasmus (Rd 1, #28) *Rasmus could patrol center for the expansive Coors Field. 30/30 could be expected. 8. Devil Rays: Jay Bruce (Rd 1, #12) The Rays need some pop in the outfield, and although Bruce has been struggling, he was the #1 prospect just a couple of years ago. An outfield of Crawford, Upton, and Bruce would not let a single ball drop. 9. Mets: Mike Pelfrey (Rd 1, #9) *Pelfrey is a good fit for the Mets when he is pitching well. He allows the bullpen to rest and he wins. 10. Tigers: Jacoby Ellsbury (Rd 1, #23) *The Tigers need a spark at the top of their lineup for their mashers to drive in runs. Ellsbury would provide that and patrol center. 11. Pirates: Andrew McCutchen (Rd 1, #11) *The Pirates need the best player available, especially someone who can drive fans to the game. McCutchen has the potential to do that. 12. Reds: Yunel Escobar (Rd 2) *Shortstop has been a black hole for the Reds since Barry Larkin, and Escobar provides solid pop and good defense to solidify that hole. 13. Orioles: Chase Headley (Rd 2) *Headley provides a major league ready bat for the Orioles to help their very young pitching staff. 14. Indians: Ricky Romero (Rd 1, #6) *Romero is the best major league pitcher available left in the draft for a pitching starving Indians. 15. White Sox: Jeremy Hellickson (Rd 4) *Hellickson is the 18th best prospect according to Baseball America. He provides excellent depth to an ofton injurred White Sox rotaion. 16. Marlins: Chris Volstad (Rd 1, #16) *Volstad fits the profile of tall pitcher with an extremely fast fastball that the Marlins seem to prefer. 17. Yankees: Alex Gordon (Rd 1, #2) *Unlike in Kansas City, Gordon will not be asked to save the Yankees. Probably batting 8th in the lineup, Gordon can excel in Yankee Stadium. The Bombers can take a chance on Gordon who can play first, third, or a corner outfield. 18. Padres: Kevin Slowey (Rd 2) *Slowey is an innings eater that will help the Padres if the team is still leading the division in the second half of the season. 19. Rangers: John Lannan (Rd 11) *Lannan, although only 3 years of experience, would bring maturity to a very young Rangers pitching staff. 20. Cubs: Micah Owings (Rd 3) *Owings has been a good reliever this season, and could be a sixth starter for the desperate Cubs. I could even see the Cubbies giving him a go in right field. 21. Athletics: Gaby Sanchez (Rd 4) *Sanchez fits the Athletic profile of good plate discipline and he would immediately be slated to play first base. 22. Marlins: Travis Buck (Rd 1A) *Buck would most likely be a reserve for the Marlins, but his ability to take a walk and low strikeout rate is something the Marlins lack. 23. Red Sox: Josh Bell (Rd 4) *Bell is the third baseman of the future for the Red Sox when Lowell and Beltre leave. 24. Astros: Cameron Maybin (Rd 1, #10) *Maybin is a great athletic talent. The Astros really do not have any young players with any potential. Although Maybin has struggled in the big leagues, he would immediately be one of the corner stones of the franchise. 25. Twins: Jon Niese (7) *Niese is the type of pitcher the Twins could develop into a number two starter when most other teams see him as a number three or four. Niese is still young and just needs to stay healthy. 26. Red Sox: Nolan Reimold (Rd 2) *Reimold is a good fourth outfield option that could provide some pop off the bench for the Sox. 27. Braves: Matt Gamel (Rd 4) *Troy Glaus and Chipper Jones will not be manning the corner infield positions forever for thet Braves. Gamel has good power and decent on base skills. Once he cuts down his strikeouts, he could start at either position for the next 5 years. 28. Cardinals: Clay Richards (8) *Richards has already found quiet success in the majors, so if he were successful in St. Louis, all the credit should not be given to Dave Duncan. 29. Marlins: Peter Bourjos (10) *Bourjos, the #2 prospect in the Angels organization, still is a couple years away from developing, but his potential is 20 homeruns and 40 stolen bases. 30. Cardinals: Brett Gardner (Rd 3) *La Russa would have a field day with a player like Gardner in his lineup or on his bench.
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