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MLB Power Rankings
| July 12, 2009
In this edition of the WVBR Power Rankings the Dodgers regain the top spot, Pujols and company jump from 12 to 4, and the Mets continue to fall. 1. Los Angeles Dodgers Not overly impressive lately, but very steady 2. New York Yankees Can they beat the Sox? 3. Boston Red Sox They have to feel confident now that Ortiz is starting to find his swing 4. St. Louis Cardinals I'm starting to think Pujols can beat Bonds' MVP record 5. Tampa Bay Rays Should make things interesting in the AL East down the stretch 6. San Francisco Giants The NL better hope the Giants don't make the playoffs with the way Lincecum and Cain are dealing. 7. Los Angeles Angels Still the team to beat in the AL West even though they don't always play like it 8. Texas Rangers Have shown some fight after the Angels stole first from them 9. Philadelphia Phillies Seem to be coasting a little bit this year 10. Colorado Rockies How is this team good? 11. Detroit Tigers Can the surprising Tigers rotation keep it up? 12. Milwaukee Brewers Fielder and Braun have done their jobs 13. Florida Marlins .348 avg with 14 hrs, and 60 rbis, Hanley Ramirez is now officially top of the class of hitting shortstops 14. Chicago White Sox If Contreras continues to be successful the White Sox could have enough to overtake the Tigers 15. Minnesota Twins MVP for Mauer? 16. Seattle Mariners Griffey's Michael Jackson tribute was cool, but he should have moonwalked to first 17. Toronto Blue Jays The great start to the season seems so long ago for the Jays 18. Chicago Cubs All the potential, no results, sound familiar 19. Atlanta Braves Tommy Hanson 4-0 start to his career, very nice 20. New York Mets Where's Jose? 21. Houston Astros .500 team. That�s just all there is to it. 22. Cincinnati Reds Cueto showed he was snubbed from the All Star game by giving up 9 ER in 0.2 innings, good work 23. Baltimore Orioles One homer since May 26 for Adam Jones, what happened? 24. Kansas City Royals Grienke's fun to watch 25. Pittsburgh Pirates At least the Laroche brothers get to enjoy being on the same team, that's always nice 26. Oakland Athletics They have a stranglehold on the cellar of the AL West 27. Arizona Diamondbacks Justin Upton's been fun to watch 28. San Diego Padres It was only a matter of time til they got no hit 29. Cleveland Indians Hey Kerry Wood stayed healthy this year, how about that. 30. Washington Nationals So bad
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Shwax | August 1, 2009, 10:31am
Waiting for the next edition to see the Cubs and Mets climb back up a little. I think the NYM winning 5 in a row deserves SOME cred.
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