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How 'Bout Them...Padres?
| May 28, 2009
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Do the Padres know who they are? Do they realize that they were 4 games from being the worst team in baseball last year? Now, they're above .500 heading into June and only about 3 games out of the NL Wild Card (yeah I know it's early, but come on, the Dodgers aren't giving up that division). And how about Adrian Gonzalez? He now has 18 homeruns to lead baseball including 3 in his last 6 games. This is buy a guy who has an OPS above 1.000 and who has walked 6 times in his last 9 games. Did I hear someone whisper MVP? No I guess not, but you have to give that ball club some credit. They are certainly making things interesting. Now where do they put Jake Peavy? I'm putting my money on Chicago.
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Jon Smythe | May 29, 2009, 10:28am

| May 28, 2009, 3:48pm
Going hard after that Bud Light I see...
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