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2009 MLB Salaries
| April 6, 2009
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Today USA Today printed a list of [[link|url=]]2009 Major League Baseball salaries[[end-link]]. What I'd like to do here is give you my list of the best and worst contracts this year. [[font|size=4]]'''Best Contracts 2009'''[[end-font]] '''1. Tim Lincecum SP San Francisco Giants $650,000''' Someone has to do something about these arbitration rules. (To understand the arbitration rules, check out [[link|url=]]"How Baseball Arbitration Works" by James Lincoln Ray[[end-link]]). Lincecum, who many believe is the second best pitcher in baseball behind Johan Santana, is probably worth upwards of $20,000,000. Derek Lowe is making $15,000,000 this year and he's 35 years old compared to Lincecum who's 24. '''2. Brandon Webb SP Arizona Diamondbacks and Dan Haren SP Arizona Diamondbacks $6,500,000 and $7,500,000 respectively''' One of the best one-two starting pitching punches in the game and they combine to make $14,000,000, which is what Aaron Harang is making this year and $4,500,000 less than what Barry Zito is making. '''3. Albert Pujols 1B St. Louis Cardinals $14,427,326''' Pujols, a guaranteed 30+ HR, 100+ RBI guy every year, is making less than Todd Helton, Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, Magglio Ordonez, and A-Rod (A-Rod by more than 18,000,000). '''4. Hanley Ramirez SS Florida Marlins $5,500,000''' Speed, power, average, defense, age, Hanley is all around tremendous. Like Lincecum he's on the verge of landing a huge contract. '''5. The Tampa Bay Rays, Team Payroll: $63,313,034''' Carl Crawford makes the most on this team at $8,250,000. The Rays payroll is close to that of the Nationals and Rangers and it's $35,000,000 less than the Seattle Mariners. An incredible job by the Rays front office. [[font|size=4]]'''Worst Contracts 2009'''[[end-font]] '''1. Barry Zito SP San Francisco Giants $18,500,000''' Everyone knows why this one is bad, so let's continue. '''2. B.J. Ryan RP Toronto Blue Jays $12,000,000''' No one gets overpaid like closers. Really I could substitute a number of closers in for Ryan here (Cordero, Wood), but tough luck Ryan. Closers need to thank whoever came up with that save stat because that guy made closers a lot of money. (See [[link|url=]]Jayson Stark's article[[end-link]] from 07 on why the save stat is ridiculous). '''3. Adrian Beltre 3B Seattle Mariners $13,400,000''' The guy had one ridiculous year with the Dodgers (48 HR 121 RBI .334 AVG) and since then hasn't hit more than 26 HR in a season, has never made it to 100 RBI in a season, and hasn't hit over .300 in a season. All I have to say is let the steroid allegations begin. Lucky for Seattle fans he is in a contract year this year so maybe he'll work hard enough to fool another team into giving him a huge contract. '''4. Kevin Millwood SP Texas Rangers $12,868,892''' Me: Hey Rangers, don't you guys always have pitching problems. Rangers GM: Uh, yeah. Me: Are you paying Kevin Millwood money to pitch for you. Rangers GM: Yes. Me: Maybe you should stop that, just saying. '''5. Julio Lugo SS Boston Red Sox $9,250,000''' Julio Lugo's making close to 10 mil, that's it, where's my glove, I'm coming out of retirement. Those are my thoughts. Let's hear yours. See that thing that says Comment on This below my picture/name, yeah if you could just click that that would great, yeah.
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