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Spring Training Is Here
Jared Feldman
| February 20, 2008
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Amongst steroid allegations, Japanese imports, and sunshine in February one important thing has been forgotten in the baseball world. Spring training games start next week. Iím so excited because the lull between the Superbowl and spring training is pretty harrowing. Other than the NBA all-star game what do have, hockey, I thought not. But luckily spring training is upon us and its time for a super early prediction show, cue the applause. The Favorites The New York Mets, until a few weeks ago I would have put the Mets in the outside looking in category until they made a tiny trade to acquire an unknown pitcher. Johan Santana was an unknown pitcher until 6 years ago, and now heís pretty well known. Anyway, with that simple acquisition the Mets skyrocketed themselves to the front of the favorites in the NL, if they stay healthy, theyíve got a real shot at the pennant. The other team in the NL with a shot at pennant is the LA dodgers. There are two reasons they could win the NL pennant, Torri and Jones. Joe Torri gains control of a young talented team with the most potential of any in the NL west. He also gets the services of Andruw Jones who, despite having the worst year of his career is one the best defensive centerfielders and can put up 30 and 100 any year. The pitching staff is deep and with Takashi Saito in closer role the games essentially over in the 8 if you facing the dodgers. Now while the pennant race in the NL may be exciting the world series will simply be the time to watch that NL team lose to whoever wins in the Al crown. The Boston Red sox less than 6 months removed from their most recent world title look to begin their quest for the crown with many question marks, will Josh Beckett survive without Curt Schilling, will Dice-K be better than a glorified Tim Wakefield, and the biggest question, will Jacoby Ellsbury turn out better than Johan Santana in the long run. The Red Sox may have those questions but they still are the team to beat in the Al east and a definite title contender. Finally the Detroit tigers, the team that lost nearly 120 games just 5 years ago, go into this season as favorites for the World Series. Why you ask? Well they made the biggest trade of the off season acquiring Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera for pennies on the dollar, their rotation will feature the best young arms in the game like Willis Bonderman, and Verlander, and their rotation will feature an all star at nearly every position. When it comes down to it, the Tigers have the talent but do they have the composure, the Mets seem to be the best in the NL but will they crumble again when crunch time rolls around?
Originally Aired: Wednesday, February 20, 2008. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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