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HMLB AL Wild Card
Adam Agata
| May 23, 2008
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Like almost every wild card race since its inception in 1995, I expect this to be close. In the end though, I think the Mariners will win by a comfortable amount, enough to have their starters take the last series of the season off to rest before the playoffs. Unfortunately, the teams that finish second in their division are the only ones with a chance to win, so the overall standings only reflect the teams that finish second. The other two AL West teams were in this race as well. ROSTERS YANKEES 1. Alfonso Soriano- LF 2. Derek Jeter- SS 3. Nick Johnson- 1b 4. Mike Lowell- 3b 5. Jorge Posada- C 6. Wily Mo Pena- DH 7. Melky Cabrera- CF 8. Robinson Cano- 2b 9. Juan Rivera- RF Bench: Christian Guzman, Shelly Duncan, Dioner Navarro, Brad Ausmus, Marcus Thames Rotation: 1. Chien-Ming Wang 2. Andy Pettitte 3. Phil Hughes 4. Jeff Karstens 5. Ian Kennedy Closer: Mariano Rivera RH: Joba Chamberlain, Manny Acosta, Russ Springer, Yhency Brazoban LH: Randy Choate WHITE SOX 1. Chris Young- CF 2. Aaron Rowand- RF 3. Carlos Lee- LF 4. Magglio Ordonez- DH 5. Joe Crede- 3b 6. Greg Nortan- 1b 7. Ray Durham- 2b 8. Miguel Oliva- C 9. Mike Morse- SS Bench: Mike Cameron, Frank Thomas, Ryan Sweeney, Bryan Anderson Rotation: 1. Mark Buehrle 2. Josh Fogg 3. Kip Wells 4. Brandon McCarthy 5. Gio Gonzalez Closer: Jon Rauch RH: Chad Bradford, Joe Borowski, Josh Rupe LH: Boone Logan, Bobby Seay, Royce Ring MARINERS 1. Carlos Guillen- 1b 2. Jose Lopez- 2b 3. Ken Griffey Jr.- RF 4. Alex Rodriguez- 3b 5. David Ortiz- DH 6. Raul Ibanez- LF 7. Omar Vizquel- SS 8. Adam Jones- CF 9. Jason Varitek- C Bench: Asdrubal Cabrera, Greg Dobbs, Jeff Clement, Jose Cruz Jr., Rotation: 1. Felix Hernandez 2. Derek Lowe 3. Gil Meche 4. Shawn Estes 5. Joel Pineiro Closer: J.J. Putz RH: Brandon Morrow, Rafael Soriano, Aquilino Lopez LH: George Sherrill, Damoso Marte, Brian Fuentes LINEUP Speed 1. Yankees 2. White Sox 3. Mariners Power 1. Mariners 2. White Sox 3. Yankees Depth 1. Mariners 2. Yankees 3. White Sox Bench 1. Mariners 2. White Sox 3. Yankees Fielding 1. Mariners 2. White Sox 3. Yankees Overall Lineup 1. Mariners 2. White Sox 3. Yankees PITCHING Rotation 1-3 1. Mariners 2. Yankees 3. White Sox Rotation 1-5 1. Mariners 2. White Sox 3. Yankees Closer 1. Yankees 2. Mariners 3. White Sox Bullpen 1. Mariners 2. Yankees 3. White Sox Depth 1. Mariners 2. White Sox 3. Yankees Overall Pitching 1. Mariners 2. Yankees 3. White Sox PROJECTED STANDINGS 1. Mariners - In the end, the veteran Mariners lineup held up as the team will prepare for another October run. Could this Mariners team be the first one to win a World Series? Or is a flashback of the real 1997 a possibility? This team has weapons, so watch out. 2. Yankees The Yankees were a good team with very good depth, but the team just did not have the fire power to make it to the playoffs. In the end, the young pitching at the end of the rotation would fall apart as they reached the 200 innings mark. 3. White Sox The White Sox have a very good lineup, and would probably lead the Wild Card for a good portion of the season. In the end though, a mid-August meltdown of the White Sox pitching (rotation and bullpen) would dig a whole that could not be climbed out of. TOMORROW: AL Summary PREVIOUS: [[link|url= log&id=128]]Hypothetical Major League Baseball Introduction[[end- link]] [[link|url=]]HMLB AL East[[end- link]] [[link|url=]]HMLB AL Central[[end- link]] [[link|url=]]HMLB AL West[[end-link]]
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