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Rockin Remnants

Saturdays at 6pm

Hosted by:

John Rudan, John Simon, Kim Vaughan, Jan Hunsinger, Gregory James

Rockin’ Remnants is Ithaca’s only local request Oldies show, playing classic tunes from the Golden Age of AM Radio. Each Saturday night we bring you a mix of A-sides, B-sides, big hits and lost nuggets. You’ll get chart info, Trivia, historical context and occasional special themes, plus regular features including The 45 Corner, the Billboard Spotlight, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Birthday Calendar and listener requests. Doo Wop, Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll – plus Surf tunes, Dance tunes, Folk Rock, British Invasion and crossover Country. Join us each week for a thrilling ride to yesteryear. Rockin’ Remnants: it’s a Saturday night tradition!

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