Salt Creek Show

Sunday | 06:00AM - 10:00PM

Annie Keville, Chuck Donovan, and Brad Edmondson


Comin' at you since 1963 with more old-time down home music than you can shake a stick at, the Salt Creek Show is up with the roosters each and every Sunday morning from 6 to 10 am. We think it's the oldest continuously running radio show hereabouts. Each week you'll hear the finest hand-picked gems of bluegrass, string bands, Southern gospel, blues, country, honky-tonk, rockabilly, Western Swing, Alt.Country, early R&B/soul/Black gospel and more, spanning a century of timeless Americana.

Too far away or down in the holler to tune in with that little bitty transistor radio? Listen to Salt Creek's live Streaming Audio.

The Mumbling Hillbilly DJs:

Brad Edmondson
Peter Fraissinet
Armin Heurich
Annie Keville
Chuck Donovan

Contact us with your requests, snuff cans, scratchy records and stuff you want us to play. But if you want to talk to us while we're doing the show, use the dern phone: 607-273-2121.

Music Suggestions