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Wizarding Weekend Celebrates its Fifth Year in Ithaca!

ITHACA, NY — On October 26 & 27, 2019, Downtown Ithaca will once again transform into a celebration of all things magic and fantasy as Wizarding Weekend presents its fifth year.

Throughout its history, the festival has continually grown and evolved and this year is no different. As always, the event is free for all, with the availability of a Magical Passport for exclusive activities and merchandise for an enhanced festival experience.

The energy the fans bring is truly what brings the festival to life. Submissions for the Fan Art Show are open and, just like the festival, themes of magic, science, and fantasy are all welcome. Display your art and attendees will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artwork. Submissions are due by October 15th.

Since 2015, fans have been showing up to the event in fantastic costumes. Wizarding Weekend again invites everyone to celebrate their favorite character, and those with handmade costumes can enter into the Costume Contest. All ages are welcome to enter, and prizes will be awarded based on attendee votes. Pre-registration is encouraged so more time can be spent touring the festival.

Backed by newly formed non-profit, FanUnity, Inc., Wizarding Weekend hopes to bring more fun for people of all ages with all of your favorite activities and exciting new content - including a thrilling quest from Ithaca’s own School of Magic, GorgeKeep. You can find information about these events, purchase the Magical Passport, and more at Live the Magic at Wizarding Weekend!

The purpose of FanUnity, Inc., is to create community-minded fan celebrations of magic, science fiction and fantasy with an emphasis on STEM, higher education and practical experience.


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