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Update on Tompkins County's farmers markets

Here's an update on Tompkins County's farmers markets -- including news that the Ithaca Farmers Market is adding Sunday hours.

Like all food outlets, farmers markets have adapted to restrictions required by the Coronavirus pandemic. Instead of festive family outings with live music, breakfast and lunch options, wine tastings, and more, farmers markets this spring are focused on getting shoppers in and out quickly and safely with fresh produce and local dairy and meats.

The Ithaca Farmers Market moved its winter market outdoors in mid-March to spread out for safer shopping, and the spring market every Saturday has featured fewer vendors than usual — with empty stalls to space out vendors and shoppers — as well as no sampling and no food intended to eat at the market. They’re now adding Sunday hours along with Phase Two of Tompkins County’s reopening. Sunday has entirely different vendors than the Saturday market, so nearly all of the regular vendors now have a chance.

Lots of farmers market vendors have moved to online pre-ordering and prepayment so you can stop by their booth, grab your purchase, and go. Others have plenty of items you can look at and point to — they’ll hand it to you to minimize extra touching. The Ithaca Farmers Market is also maintaining an online list of farms that offer home delivery or farmstand pickup, a nice alternative if you can’t get out or want to skip the public places entirely.

The Trumansburg Farmers Market has reopened as well, with food vendors and health-related vendors selling packaged produce and other items Wednesday afternoons from 4-7 at the Village Park just north of central Trumansburg on Route 96 northwest of Ithaca. They’re keeping tables and benches closed to encourage customers to come and go quickly, and there are handwashing stations and surfaces are being sanitized frequently.

And the Freeville Farmers Market is open Sundays from noon-3pm at 43 Main Street in Freeville, between Ithaca and Dryden.


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