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Tonight on WVBR's Talk of the Town: Pride Not Prejudice Review

The need to laugh at each other.

Tonight on WVBR-FM @ 5pm, and available on - June is Pride Month and LGBTQ+ people around the globe celebrate sexual diversity, as well as the heroes and achievements of decade-long struggles for recognition. Ithaca’s local gay rights organization Finger Lakes PULSE engages in Pride Month with a series of events, from picnics to block parties. On Saturday July 22nd, they co-hosted a comedy show at the Hilton Inn. WVBR’s Florenz Gilly has seen it and will provide you with insights.

Feat. Angalia Petrillo, Jaye McBride (@jayemcbride on Twitter), and Sam Morris. Host: Kenneth McLaurin (@MclaurinKenneth on Twitter).

Disclaimer: May contain explicit and/or sensitive language.


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