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The Brazilian Project: A stunning and innovative take on the traditional music of Brazil!

The Trumansburg Conservatory has a unique concert coming up at the end of July.

Choro originated in Rio de Janiero in the 1870s, a result of local musicians combining their virtuosity of African rhythms with their European influence, evidenced by the traditional instruments most often associated with choro, as well as the genres they were well-versed in at the time.

The Brazilian Project draws inspiration from several of the choro masters, but it was Jacob do Bandolim, a noted perfectionist and virtuosic mandolin player, who wanted to do away with the “lazy and disheveled musician” stereotype by requiring those who played with him be well-dressed and well-rehearsed.

The Brazilian Project aims to continue the Bandolim choro tradition using less-traditional instruments, with Evan Courtin on violin, Michael McNeill on piano, Brett Copeland on tuba and John Bacon on drums and percussion.



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