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Review: Billboard Top Ten Alternative Songs

Written by Kynzie Watahomigie

Climbing to the top of a Billboard music chart is no small task. The music career is met with fierce competition and many talented artists. Yet, there are artists climbing to the top. Here are songs that are currently ranked the top ten of Billboard’s alternative charts.

10. Beloved--Mumford & Sons: At #10 on the alternative charts “Beloved” is a sweet song that combines the acoustic guitar, bass, and drums to create a song about love. The musical solo towards the end of the song is enchanting and endearing. A song that has the power to bring feelings of nostalgia and fondness for those around.

9. Ready To Let Go-- Cage The Elephant: At #9 on the alternative charts “Ready To Let Go” offers a chill song with a bit of an edge. The sound doesn’t vary throughout the song. It remains on a rhythmic beat of drums and strumming, with a few instances of piano keys. This allows the listener to clearly hear the lyrics of the song with the words “ready to let go” sung clearly.

8. 100 Bad Days--AJR: AJR brings a bright upbeat tune to the #8 spot on Billboard’s alternative charts. A combination of electronic sounds and voice modifiers makes the sound of this song exciting from start to finish. While the beat maintains the same cheerful melody throughout, it is consistently changing sound effects. These sound effects gives the song character and uniqueness. The work into producing “100 Bad Days” clearly shines through.

7. High Hopes--Panic! At The Disco: An upbeat triumphant trumpet sounds off the melody of “High Hopes” to give the feeling of victory. While this song is cheerful and enjoyable, it is cliche. With phrases such as “mama said” and “one in a million”, there can’t help but be a feeling that this song had more potential to be more unique. However, still a song one can sing along to with a message to believe in.

6. Lo/Hi--The Black Keys: “Nobody to love you. Nobody to care. If you die, nobody will hug you.” Comforting. The electric guitar takes the reins on “Lo/Hi” and yes, there is a short solo. A song to listen to while driving through a desert landscape like on the set of an indie music video. “Lo/Hi” is cool, from the vocals to the beat.

5. Hurt--Oliver Tree: “Hurt” doesn’t hesitate to introduce the vocals. The intro vocals begin as if the singer is not singing--but speaking. Once the intro ceases, the verses offer a different sound. Both through the melody and vocals. While “Hurt” is an objectively enjoyable song, not much stands out about it.

4. Gloria--The Lumineers: “Gloria” begins with the hard strumming of a guitar before diving into singing about Gloria. This song revolves around the acoustic guitar, the piano, and drumsticks. While a cheerful, happy song, it is predictable. A solid song.

3. Bury a Friend--Billie Eilish: With 5 songs arriving on the top 100 list in 2019, Billie Eilish has come to dominate the charts. “Bury a Friend” uses a mixture of percussion, electronic sounds, and vocals. With sound effects that mimic soft screeches, this song feels as if it were created on the set of a horror movie. A sound that is not for everyone, but refreshing. Billie Eilish has a style that feels new while sticking to a stylish simplistic sound.

2. Longshot--Catfish and the Bottlemen: A down-strum of an electric guitar and some vocals, “Longshot” has a nice alternative rock feel that can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences. The focus in the song is on the guitar, however, once the verse picks up drums are added to the mix to add to the excitement.

1. Trampoline--SHAED: “Trampoline” begins with a short intro then dives right into the vocals. A dreamy soundscape, this song draws the listener into another world. A soft echo is added to the chorus making the song a fantasy. Almost as if slipping into a dream. The melody is smooth and relaxing while a break for a whistle-solo makes the song less predictable and more exciting.

While songs are constantly making their way up and down the charts, these are the ten that are at the top of the alternative charts in June of 2019.


Review the rest of the chart on Billboard website.


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