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Odd-even parking back in effect in City of Ithaca with snow approaching

Updated: May 5, 2019

Written by Mark H. Anbinder

Wintry Ithaca parking garage.
Wintry Ithaca parking garage.

The City of Ithaca suspended seasonal odd-even parking regulations earlier this fall, but they’re back in effect “until further notice” with snow expected this week.

“When we have snow on the way we will activate Odd/Even parking,” Mayor Myrick announced at the end of October. “When we’ve cleared the streets we will turn it back off.”

Overnight tonight, parking will be prohibited on the even side of City of Ithaca streets, because from 2am-6am, it will be December 12th. “Tickets may be issued” to vehicles remaining parked on the wrong side of the street tonight and until odd-even parking is again suspended.


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