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Northeast to experience another atmospheric 'swing and a miss'

Interstate-95 swath could receive a few tenths of an inch to a couple of inches of snowfall that breaks the snow drought, but the snow may only accumulate on grass and elevated surfaces and not on paved surfaces.

AccuWeather Global Weather Center – March 4, 2020 – Two storms will converge off the New England coast late this week, but the impact from a weaker storm from Canada will far outweigh the impact from a storm moving up from the Southern states.

The influence from an Alberta clipper storm on the Northeast's weather from Thursday night to Friday night will be about 80%, while the participation from storm sweeping northward off the coast will be about 20%.

"The result will be unsettled weather conditions with some snow and perhaps a couple of inches somewhere in a narrow band, but not a debilitating widespread snowstorm for the Northeast," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek.

Alberta clipper storms tend to be starved of moisture and move along too quickly to bring more than a moderate snowfall. In the case of this particular clipper storm, snowfall will tend to be light, but there can be briefly heavy snow squalls across the interior Northeast that can create hazardous conditions for motorists.

The situation is a bit different when compared to last weekend's snow squalls in that the air moving in is not nearly as cold. That will translate to much less lake effect and fewer incidents of roads being covered with snow. While these conditions can still occur, they will tend to be much more isolated in nature than last week.

Where snow falls from the evening to the start of the daylight hours, there will be a better chance of a slushy accumulation on roads and other paved surfaces.

As for the participation from the storm swinging up from South, the center will remain a few hundred miles offshore. This is the same storm responsible for heavy rain and the risk of flooding and severe weather in the Southern states into Thursday.

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