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Natalie Branosky Appointed Director of Workforce Development Board

(Ithaca, New York) - The Tompkins County Workforce Development Board and Tompkins County announced that Natalie Branosky has been appointed to lead the community’s workforce development efforts as well as serve as Director of the Workforce Development Board. Branosky’s appointment was confirmed by the County Legislature at its meeting February 4th.

In making the appointment, County Administrator Jason Molino cited Branosky’s more than 20 years of experience in providing policy analysis, research and advisory services in the fields of workforce development, economic development for cities, labor market policy, social innovation and inclusion.

“Natalie’s knowledge of workforce development and the tools utilized across the United States and the United Kingdom to do so will be critical to the success of our workforce development efforts in this community,” said Molino.
Scott Pronti, Chair of the County’s Workforce Development Board, added “Natalie’s knowledge of national and international workforce practices and programs will bring a different perspective to our community’s efforts to create a skilled workforce that allows businesses to thrive and provides people access to quality employment opportunities.”
Ms. Branosky said, “I’m honored to be here and look forward to working on behalf of the Workforce Development Board and with Tompkins County leaders to support the county’s residents and businesses. I’m thrilled to be part of a collective vision for a skilled workforce, smart economic development, good jobs, and the transition to a green economy – all guided by the principle of inclusion.”

Ms. Branosky’s background includes expertise on workforce development, economic development, labor markets, skills planning, and the fields of social innovation, social enterprise and philanthropy. She has worked extensively on Capitol Hill, at Westminster and The Hague. She works closely with the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP), the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB), and the National League of Cities. She holds a Masters’ Degree from the University of Edinburgh in Policy Studies and Bachelors’ Degree in Communication and Political Science from Rutgers University. She has also completed the Learning by Giving program at Northeastern University, a course established by the Buffett family to inspire a new generation of philanthropists and community leaders to effectively distribute capital to local communities.

Ms. Branosky will begin work on February 24th, overlapping for five weeks with Julia Mattick, who is retiring March 27th after more than 15 years of service to Tompkins County.

Contact: County Administrator Jason Molino, 607-274-5551; Julia Mattick, Workforce Development Director, 607-274-7526


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