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Lunch Hour Special (Thursday 7/14/16)

Hot Time, Summer in the City! With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, let's make some noise

  • Summer In The City - Lovin' Spoonful (their only #1 record - Summer of '66)

  • Dancing In The Street - Martha & Vandellas (stunning stereo version from '64)

  • (Love Is Like a) Heatwave - Linda Ronstadt (originally a hit for Motown's Martha & The Vandellas in '63)

  • The Motown Song - Rod Stewart w/ The Temptations (big summertime hit from the Nineties)

  • Master Blaster - Stevie Wonder ("Hotter than July!")

  • Up On The Roof - Rickie Lee Jones (from her EP "Girl at Her Volcano," 1983)

  • Too Hot - Kool & The Gang ('nuff said)

  • Walkin' On Sunshine - Katrina &The Waves (she makes it sound so joyful....)

  • Hot Fun In The Summertime - Sly & The Family Stone (why not???)

  • Don't Let The Rain Fall Down On Me - The Critters (their final Top 40 single)

  • Summer - War (lyrically dated: "listening to 8-tracks" and "rappin' on the CB radio," but it's a cooling tune somehow)


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