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Lunch Hour Special 9/21/17

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

In anticipation of Paul's sold-out show at the Carrier Dome, here's a quick survey of his catalogue.

  • Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles (from Revolver, circa 1966 - this is the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" mix from 1999, re-mixed for maximum impact!)

  • Michelle > Biker Like an Icon - Paul McCartney (from 1993's "Paul Is Live" CD with a fine touring band including Linda)

  • * Mull of Kintyre - Wings (1977 - released as the b-side of "Girls' School" here in the States, this was the biggest #1 in UK history at the time)

  • * Girls' School - Wings (1977 - reached #33 here in the US, requested by a listener in Locke)

  • * Let Me Roll It - Paul McCartney (1993 - another from the "Paul Is Live" sessions, requested by a notorious stoner of ours)

  • Day Tripper - The Beatles (1965; #5 BB - one of Paul's most rockin' vocal performances with a killer bass line, to boot)

  • * Junior's Farm - Wings (10/74; #3 BB - recorded in Nashville, this one was. "Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go...")

  • * Helter Skelter - The Beatles (from "The White Album," circa 1968 - who would've guessed that this would be part of Paul's encore set two days later??!?)

  • * Young Boy - Paul McCartney (from "Flaming Pie," circa 1997 - co-written by and featuring Steve Miller. Top 20 in the UK; uncharted Stateside)

  • We Can Work It Out - Paul McCartney (1995, from MTV's "Unplugged" concert. Paul was their very first "unplugged" guest, opening the floodgates for this popular series. Hear him flub the words and start over!)

  • Saint Paul - Terry Knight (1969; dnc - Terry Knight had flown to London, hoping to get signed to Apple Records. Disappointed and dejected, he allegedly composed this on the flight back home. Capitol released it as a single, but it failed to charge. Adding insult to injury, Terry had to turn publishing rights over to Maclen Music for his use of the "Hey Jude" coda. Ouch!)

  • I'll Follow the Sun - The Beatles (1964; dnc - from "Beatles for Sale" in the UK and "Beatles '65" here in the States. This is my exit song as I step out into the sunshine. See you at The Dome!)

* = listener requests, as always


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