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Lunch Hour Special 12/15/16

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Cool Covers!: A Long-Distance Collaboration between a WVBR DJ and his old buddy from back home

  • After The Gold Rush - k.d. Lang (a Canadian superstar interprets one of her Canadian compatriot's finer moments)

  • She's Not There - Neal MacArthur (cool re-make of the Zombies' classic - by Colin Blunstone of...The Zombies in disguise!)

  • "Heroes" - The Wallflowers (David Bowie cover, from their album "Godzilla." Killer!)

  • So Sad About Us - Shaun Cassidy w/ Todd Rundgren & Utopia (Pete Townshend's classic, produced by Todd Rundgren and released as a single back in1980)

  • Eyesight to The Blind - The Hillbenders (bluegrass treatment of the Who classic, from their 2016 "Tommy" CD)

  • China Grove - Chris Young (from the Doobie Bros. tribute album "Southbound," wherein some of Nashville's finest interpret some of the biker band's finest tunes)

  • Helter Skelter - U2 (from 1987's "Rattle & Hum" album. "This is a song Charles Manson stole from The Beatles, well we're stealin' it back.")

  • Hush - Billy Joe Royal (1966 - the original version of the Joe South composition that would become a huge hit for Deep Purple)

  • Everybody's Talkin' - Fred Neil (1967 - the original version of the song that would become a big hit for Nilsson, thanks to its inclusion in "Midnight Cowboy")

  • D'yer Mak'er - Sheryl Crow (Led Zeppelin with a twist!)

  • Walkin' The Dog - Kapt. Kopter (Randy California of Spirit with uncredited support from Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell; radio station promo single)

  • Purple Haze - The Cure (from the 1993 tribute album "Stone Free: the Music of Jimi Hendrix")

  • Crying - k.d. Lang & Roy Orbison (we started with Kathryn Dawn and we'll close with her stunning duet with the original artist)

  • Thanks to Lou Claudio of Clearwater, FL for planting the side and digging up a bunch of the music. Next month's collaboration? "Beatlemania!" Stay tuned.....


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