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Learn about Gravitational Waves from Monster Black Holes at TCPL

ITHACA—Tompkins County Public Library is pleased to host Dr. Shami Chatterjee for an astronomy lecture, Wednesday, July 24, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm, in the Library’s BorgWarner Community Room

This lecture, “Gravitational Waves from Monster Black Holes,” will be presented by Dr. Shami Chatterjee, Senior Research Associate, Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science and the Carl Sagan Institute. He will discuss how galaxies grew in the early universe by merging with each other; as they coalesced, the supermassive black holes at their hearts merged with each other too. The mergers of supermassive black holes require a galaxy-scale detector to observe them.

Dr. Chatterjee will describe how long-wavelength gravitational detectors work and will explore how mysterious radio flashes from distant galaxies are teaching us more about the universe we live in.

This program is part of TCPL’s 2019 Adult Summer Reading Program, “A Universe of Stories.” To learn more, visit

For more information about this and other programming at TCPL, contact Information and Learning Services at 607 272-4557, extension 260, or


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