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Explore Space at the Museum in the Dark

(ITHACA, NY) The Museum of the Earth is opening its doors on Tuesday evening, October 29, from 6 to 8 pm, to look at space in a spooky way with Cornell’s Astronomy Graduate Network. Children of all ages are invited to come dressed in costume and learn more about our universe. Graduate students from Cornell’s Astronomy Department will have stations throughout the Museum dedicated to space and space exploration. Explore the Museum of the Earth’s new “Bees! Diversity, Evolution and Conservation”  exhibit, and get candy treats as you visit the Astronomy Graduate Network’s activities including the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and more! The Cornell Astronomy Graduate Network serves to represent and promote the interests and visions of graduate students in the Astronomy Department and Space Sciences Building. AGN also aims to foster a sense of grad student community, and to increase awareness and enthusiasm for Astronomy at Cornell and within the general public. To these ends, it holds a variety of events each year, including a weekly Grad Student and Postdoc Seminar, and outreach events for the larger Ithaca community, such as the "Ask an Astronomer" and the Halloween "Museum in the Dark" event at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca. You can find out more about the AGN at:


About the Paleontological Research Institution The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) pursues and integrates education and research, and interprets the history and systems of the Earth and its life, to increase knowledge, educate society, and encourage wise stewardship of the Earth. PRI and its two public venues for education, the Museum of the Earth and the Cayuga Nature Center, are separate from, but formally affiliated with Cornell University, and interact closely with numerous University departments in research, teaching, and public outreach.


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