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Creating and Manipulating Images in Adobe Illustrator at TCPL

ITHACA— Tompkins County Public Library is pleased to offer a class in some of the basics of Adobe Illustrator in its Digital Lab on Wednesday, July 17, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Graphic designer Jon Serrano will lead this class in the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Participants will be introduced to the select and draw tools, among others, which are used to create basic line drawings. Working with vectors will also be discussed.

Participants are expected to be experienced with the following computer skills: using the basic tools of the Mac operating system X; using a keyboard and mouse; and accessing, saving, and importing files.

Space is limited for this free class, and registration is required. Register online at

For more information about this and other Digital Lab programming, contact Information and Learning Services at 607 272-4557, ext 260 or


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