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Cornell University joins 19 colleges and universities to buy large-scale aggregated renewable energy

Cornell University joins 19 New York colleges and universities to purchase large-scale aggregated renewable energy ITHACA, N.Y. – Cornell University is a leader in the creation and operation of the NY Higher Education Large Scale Renewable Energy (NY HE LSRE) consortium of 20 public and private higher education institutions for the purchase of large-scale aggregated renewable energy. The consortium represents one of the state’s largest aggregated purchases of renewable energy to date. As part of the commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2035, Cornell is pursuing the goal powering the Ithaca campus with 100 percent renewable electricity by leveraging the aggregate purchasing power of the consortium. Sarah Zemanick, Director of Cornell University’s Campus Sustainability Office and one of the founding members of the consortium, says, “As the land-grant university to New York state our commitment to sustainability begins on campus and extends beyond our boundaries.” “Our renewable energy development has always focused on high-impact projects which benefit New York State, our community, and reduce carbon emissions as quickly as possible. Purchasing net-zero electricity brings our campus one step closer to meeting our carbon neutrality goals.” The consortium, made up of 16 SUNY campuses and four private colleges, will use its collective purchasing power to develop new renewable projects by contracting for renewable energy at scale. The process will normalize the cost of electricity for the individual colleges and reduce volatility in each institution’s energy budget. Potential benefits for members include lower costs for renewable energy procurement, mitigation against volatile gas prices, and new research opportunities for faculty, students and researchers. Technologies such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, biogas, biofuel, and fuel cells are expected to be viable sources. Cornell University has dedicated television and audio studios available for media interviews supporting full HD, ISDN and web-based platforms.


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