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Cornell Media Guild: Make a Donation Today!

Cornell Giving Day is today! For 24 hours, people across the globe will join together to create change, on campus, and in the world, by making a donation to a Cornell organization or program of their choice.

CMG - Cornell Media Guild
Cornell Media Guild includes WVBR-FM,, and Electric Buffalo Records.

If you didn’t know, WVBR-FM is a subsidiary of Cornell Media Guild (CMG). CMG is the independent, non-profit corporation that operates WVBR—as well as, an online radio stream programmed for Cornell students, and Electric Buffalo Records, an independent recording label.

Founded in 1935, CMG has a mission to give students a platform for creativity and a chance to develop skills in broadcast media. Therefore, last January, CMG announced an endowment fund. 100% of our Board of Directors pledged donations, and we’re targeting to reach our goal of $500,000. But we still need your help!

If you're a listener to WVBR-FM, you should know that we do not receive funding from Cornell University. Anything donated to us is immediately reinvested to keep the lights on and provide the best programming, music, and news for you.

If you're an alum of Cornell Media Guild, we know you can remember about special memories from your days in the past (or the present for our devote community members still here)!

If you would like to donate, go to:


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