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Census Bureau in Need of Local Residents to Work on 2020 Census

Become a Census Taker and Get Paid to Help Your Community! (Ithaca, New York) – Tompkins County is in need of hundreds of people to work on the 2020 Census. These are temporary, part-time or full-time, positions that pay $20 an hour. Census takers are necessary to help collect data that will determine New York State’s representation in Congress, as well as well as how funds are spent in Tompkins County on things like roads, schools and public transportation. “There is no experience or educational requirement,” according to Shannon Wright, a Recruiting Assistant with the Syracuse Area Census Office. “In addition to enumerators, we are also in need of Field Supervisors, who are paid $22 an hour.”

Through the US Census, conducted every 10 years as directed by the U.S. Constitution, the United States counts everyone living throughout the country. The Census provides a population count that affects government representation, and how federal and state dollars are allocated. Census mailers will be delivered throughout Tompkins County this spring. Legislator Mike Lane, who chairs the County’s Complete Count Committee, said it’s “incredibly important we have an accurate Census count for the benefit of our community.” Residents interested in applying to be a census taker or a field supervisor can apply online at:


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