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Bill Gregg concert at the Conservatory

NOTES FROM THE END OF TIME  A concert of electro-acoustic music composed and performed by William Gregg Saturday, October 5 from 7-9pmTrumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts5 McLallen St., Trumansburg NY Tickets $15 at the door

Composer and performer William Gregg's Notes From The End of Time is a suite of 13 futuristic synthesizer/computer/acoustic musical works that explore the consequences of human alteration of biogeochemical cycles that sustain life on our planet, as well as his speaking about the themes and motivations for the individual works. 

Gregg will perform in real-time on keyboard, acoustic guitar and electric violin, and will be joined by video artistry by Evan Stewart. The result is complex, majestic music, an intricate interplay of electronic and acoustic improvisations that express the composer’s and performers' thoughts and emotions evoked by what may be the gravest crisis ever faced by humanity. Gregg’s hope is that those who listen to the performance will consider the impacts of a profoundly changing environment. He hopes that this contemplation leads to a determination to work together to face the coming challenges and minimize the suffering and destruction of species—our own and others—that share the planet. 

In 2013, Sustainable Tompkins honored the composer with the “Signs of Sustainability” award for his creation, and the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts is pleased to present this encore performance. This performance is both timely and timeless.

Contact: Mark Costa - - 607-387-5939


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